Nautical Wallpaper Border

nautical wallpaper border

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Nautical wallpaper border is on sale now at Scarbrough Faire. Now's the perfect time to decorate your walls in a true nautical theme, and transform your living space today. Choose an inspiring pattern that's right for you. Lighthouses, seashells, seahorses and turtles -- our beach wallpaper border has all the right elements. Perfect for the beach house and your house.

Nautical Wallpaper Patterns

Our nautical wallpaper patterns are beautifully illustrated, helping to capture the serenity and splendor of an ocean view. A soft color palette of seaside hues helps set the mood. You can almost hear the ocean waves gently lapping against the sand and feel the sun on your face. Nautical wallpaper border will capture the scenery and special look that compliments your favorite seaside and beach decor.