Memory Foam Kitchen Rug Fat Chef

Memory Foam Kitchen Rug (Fat Chef), Bistro Decor Cushion Rectangle Rug

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This may be the best fat chef rug for your kitchen

Get cooking with a Fat Chef Decor Kitchen Rug at a huge discount from Scarbrough Faire. Extend charm and beauty into your home with the rug's stellar design and plush memory foam.

This whimsical rug features a fat chef hard at work in the kitchen. In one hand he holds a bottle of vino, and in the other a bowl of fruit. The rug is made of plush memory foam and provides ultimate comfort when standing in front of your sink or kitchen counters. The rug is great for laundry rooms and workshops too. Will coordinate beautifully with your cafe and bistro decor.


Type: Kitchen Rug

Style: Fat Chef

Size: 22 inches X 34 inches

Rug Face: 80% polyester | 20% nylon

Rug Fill: Polyurethane memory foam


  • Ultimate comfort when standing
  • Durable
  • Skid-resistant backing

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